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Take the commands of the Infinity spaceship and explore the endless empty space ! Watch out, your journey will not be easy, a horde of aliens and droid spaceships will do their best to stop your odyssey. Actually it's a suicide mission, your obective is to prove your strength and honor by eliminating opponents as mush as you can from the whole galaxy, show your bravery by reaching the Top of the Hall of Fame in this action-packed shoot-em up.

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  • Move: Arrows or Mouse
  • Bomb: X
  • Switch sec. Weapon: Ctrl
  • Pause: P or Space

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 o A spaceship full of deadly weapons to upgrade during a party
 o Three secondary weapons with unique gameplay
 o Devastating bombs to deal a maximum of damage and take a short break
 o Slow mode for a simple and optimal playability to launch a bomb or switch your secondary weapon
 o Bonus to boost your weapons, refill your bombs or gain protection with a shield
 o A lot of opponents with an increasing difficulty for fierce fighting
 o Send your Highscore and challenge the best pilot in the galaxy
 o Endless trip through space !


0.7.2 - 06/2018

New Features :
 - Allied drones, go to the ship menu to discover them !
 - Pick up craft items in the game to build drones and improve them.
 - Cool reactor effects on enemy ships
New enemies with new bullet patterns

0.5.0  - 11/2017

Four new epic bosses, discover them all !

0.4.0 - 07/2017

New Features:
 - Over 90 missions and leveling !
 - Earn money from your experience and through missions to unlock new items
 - New Bosses
 - New enemy ships


New Features:
 - Shield with 3 levels
. Level 1 : Block 1 missile
. Level 2 : Block 1 missile, Absorbs and reflects 1 close missile every 0.5s
. Level 3 : Block 1 missile, Absorbs and reflects 1 close missile every 0.4s, and slow enemy missiles by 50%
- Pause menu during the game, and you can now adjust settings and restart from this menu
[BETA] 0.2.0
New Features:
 - Hitbox for all units and missile
 - Asteroids !
 - SFX and Music
 - Settings menu (SFX and Music volume)

 - Sonic boom and missile damage increased
 - Mine bomb damange decreased
 - The shield remove all missile from the screen when destroyed (like the bomb)
 - Add 1 type of enemy
 - Add some movement variation

 - Improved the tutorial
 - Shield
 - Highscore loading
[BETA] 0.1.0 - 492
 - first version

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FX, Bonus, Explosions, Muzzle:
13rice (me)
Tatermand, on OpenGameArt, CC-BY-SA 3.0
Ravenmore, from Space Rage on GameDevMarket
chabull, on OpenGameArt, CC-BY 3.0
Tatermand, on OpenGameArt, CC0

13rice (me)
Ravenmore, from Space Rage on GameDevMarket
Tyrian Graphics (CC0)

Planets, Nebula:
Tatermand, on OpenGameArt, CC-BY-SA 3.0
13rice (me)

13rice (me)
Cartoon Games GUI Pack 15, by pzUH on GameDevMarket
Lorc on http://game-icons.net, CC-BY 3.0


Digital Rain Lab
BideoWego, on GameDevMarket
Iwan_Gabovitch, on OpenGameArt (CC0)

CC-BY-SA 3.0 : https://creativecommons.org/li...
CC-BY 3.0 : https://creativecommons.org/li...
CC0 : https://creativecommons.org/pu...

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